With our online platform that we are using coaches and athletes are able to access and apply the workouts on their smartphone or tablet.


We customize programs to fit the needs of the team, sport, and environment. Our company has specialist that are trained to get the best program


We train the coaching staff and educate them on how to apply the principles needed as well as continue to adapt the plans as the seasons change


We have success and experience with all team sports no matter what the age or gender. We have helped teams win 10 championships in the past 3 years.

Workouts Any Where





  • MVP Training has allowed my team to minimize season injuries to just one and that injury was a severe ankle injury.

    Their workouts’ creativity is completely different than mine so the girls get a variety of activities which minimizes boredom.

    My assistant coaches and I are able to take the background and assist and motivate.- Coach Clarissa Clark


    - Chelsea High School Girls Basketball Coach -
  • We got stronger, faster, and more athletic. We didn’t have any shoulder or elbow injuries in the 2 seasons that we have used them!

    - High School Baseball Coach -
  • They have helped us be more physically prepared than the competition.

    - High School Basketball Coach -