10 State Championships and counting

Blog-1In the first 3 years of taking over strength and conditioning programs we have been very successful.

10 State Championshps and counting.

But it’s not all about the success. It’s also about limiting injuries, and finding the best way for teams to be successful.

We have helped teams reach the pinnacle of performance. By being able to track the performance through testing we have been able to show the relationship between team performance and strength and conditioning. Although we are proud of our early success we look forward to much more. We also know that coaches, schools, and universities that are committed to enhancing the performance are also committed to being successful in competition.

Tracking performance is just one of the keys that separate us from any competition. Limiting injuries is also one of the most rewarding for our company. Our relationship with UAB Orthopedic practice have been able to show that our type of training does help limit injuries.

Our first year we cut injuries in half from the previous year!

Journal for Sports Medicine states that Injuries continue to rise for athletes in the United States by 3-5% by the year.

Although we think this deserves longer term research it is very exciting to be able to help teams and athletes stay in competition. The numbers look promising for the future.

Our philosophy in training drives the performance for each team. This movement based approach helps to create efficiency, kinetic intelligence, and neurological improvements where athletes are lacking. Knowing that we are able to cut injuries down is motivation enough for us but we aren’t stopping at just a few years of great performance. The key is being consistent in what we do no matter what.