Improving Team Performance with Teambuildr

Improving Team Performance with Teambuildr

Teambuildr has been an instrumental part of our success. We, as strength and conditioning coaches, are always looking for an edge on how we can improve performance with our teams. Learning new techniques, research, and visiting other coaches that have mentored us are all things that we all do. But today it is very difficult to get the best out of our teams if we can’t prove what we do works. And show the numbers behind our philosophies and methods to help keep our jobs secure and safe for as long as we can. It is very difficult to do that on the spreadsheets that I was using earlier in my career. Today there are many great programs that we can use to help do our jobs better.

How We Use Teambuildr

We have a sports performance consulting company that helps coaches in the weight room so that they can focus on getting better at their sport. When we were creating this company we wanted something that coaches could use easily, save them time, as well as provide continuous feedback with reports so they can see the changes that need to be made on a daily basis. Team Sports Performance Company was created out of a need to help educate and create better programs in a less invasive way that us going in a taking over the program with our staff. The cost was expensive for families Teambuildr provided everything that we needed to help coaches apply these programs that we trained them to apply.

Why We Use Teambuildr

We chose Teambuildr for a few key reasons that I think can help you too.

  1. The ease of use. Teambuildr is very easy to use for all coaches.
  2. It saves tons of time. Writing custom programs for teams is a very demanding job. Teambuildr saves us tons of time with the way they have built their program. We are able to save all the workouts that we use, separate them in each individual sport and team calendar, and reuse them when we need them again.
  3. Its cost effective. If it is a high school or middle school team that just wants to go online and see the workout there is a price set for them. Or if we have a university or larger program that uses it to track performance of each individual and needs more information each day they have that level of cost as well.
  4. The people! The more I am on this earth the more I realize great things are built buy great people. These guys are great people. And they are consistently looking for new ways to improve the software. I want to help be a part of that with the feedback that I can give so I can watch their success grow.
  5. We are able to prove what we do works. This is critical to our company. If we couldn’t track numbers and provide feedback we wouldn’t be in business very long. Teambuildr provides the reporting in a way that makes it easy to use and helps us do our job much better than a spreadsheet could.
  6.  It adds value to our program. The athletes need a software program that they can use and enter in the information themselves. This adds value to what we do because it gives them instant feedback and allows for them to see their progress wherever they are.

Teambuildr Reporting

Teambuildr provides a 14 day free trail that you can use to see if it fits the needs of your team which is another great reason to chose them. During that free trail they have constant support just like you were a paid customer. You don’t get some tech person that doesn’t know what you are doing. You get Hewitt, the co-founder. Which is an awesome advantage of the great service and support that they give.

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