Offerings and Services

Team Sports Performance offerings assist coaching staffs that don’t have a full-time strength and conditioning coaching staff. Our offerings range from 1 Day coaching clinics, online trainings, training coaching staffs, and our team or school consulting.

Coaching Clinics

Coaching Clinics- General training for coaching staffs that want to improve team performance. Although the speakers and info will be more general this is a great opportunity to take time to talk to other coaches and learn what the latest research is and how to apply it. It’s just another way to get your team better.

We train coaches on safety, administration, programming, as well as efficient and effective ways to enhance team performance. This is good for any school or coaching staff that wants 1 on 1 setting. Cost range from $250 per staff to $100 per coach. These clinics are seasonal.

Available Clinics

Coaching the Staff or Individual

We train the staff at a school or school system for professional development.

$250 per day

Team Olympic Lifting

Our Certified Olympic Lifting Coaches are educated and help to create a plan that can be easily learned and introduced in a team setting.

Designing Your Own Plan that Fits Your Team

Find the best way of how to address the weaknesses in your program, learn to objectively come up with the real solution, and find the best path to get there.

Creating a Winning Culture

The team’s attitude is developed in the weight room. What is your team training for? Winning or Losing? Succeeding or Failing? Sometimes, we as coaches, are too close to see the obvious. Let us help to create a culture of success and leaders.


Team and School Consulting

Program Design For Teams

Our consulting for teams are where we excel. We develop programs that help coaches meet the need of their teams and continue to adapt to the environment of what their athlete’s need. Coaches get access to an online system that is customized to the team’s logo and colors and use for each player and coach to track the progress of the players everyday. Every team’s program is customized and different than what other teams have. We believe each team have different settings and demands that need to be met.

  • Team Testing (up to 4 times a year)
  • Data Analysis
  • Sport Specific Customized Programs for Teams
  • Coach to Coach Conference (up to 1 time a week)


The pricing for program design varies to the need of the team. Our basic program design includes factoring in the time, environment (weight room), resources, coaching staff, expertise, and amount of athletes. All of these factors influence the needs of each school and coach for price.

Basic Programming

We write a program specifically for your team. You and your coaching staff get access to the online videos, the online workout software program (Teambuildr), and your team does the rest. Communication will be through email.

$150 per month

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Basic Programming with Coaches Training

This package includes all of the Basic Programming with 1 Training Day with the coaches on safety, efficiency, Olympic Lifting, software training, and other specific coaches education that applies to the sport, environment, and school. This is includes email, phone, and video conference as needed. The coaches do the testing and analysis. The team and coaches get access to online software program.

$150 per month

$250 coaches training

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All In

In the All In Package we do everything but the day to day coaching. We test the team, provide the data analysis, build the program and the coaches apply the program with the knowledge used. 24/7 Email and Phone Support. Up to 1 call a day.

*This package must be within driving distance of our home in Birmingham AL. All other expenses can be added to to cost of this package.

$250-$300 depending on the amount of time purchased.

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With our online platform that we are using coaches and athletes are able to access and apply the workouts on their smartphone or tablet. Coaches and athletes are also able to enter in data after every workout that allows the coaches to track the progress of each athlete. This online platform also allows the coaches to access reports that helps breakdown any component of the strength and conditioning and performance of every workout to manage the use and overuse of the athletes much better than ever before.

By educating the coaches on assessment and giving them a platform that is easy and understandable they can get instant feedback that they never got before so they can constantly work to improve.

This platform is also good for universities and strength coaches that don’t have the full staff for all sports in the institution. The coach doesn’t need to be there to apply the program. If they are trained and can access video that can help them be prepared they will be confident in applying the programs that are built specifically for them.

First we train and educate the coaches, second we or the coaches test the team, third we write the plan specifically for their environment, and lastly we make sure the plans are being applied the best way possible. By doing these steps we can generate better performance from each team and coach than they ever imagined.


We customize programs to fit the needs of the team, sport, and environment. Our company has specialist that are trained to get the best program for what is available. We get the coach’s feedback, see the weight room and surrounding area, look at the equipment and the space provided, and give the team the best chance to becoming a better team.

Each program is designed for the team and sport in mind. After the needs analysis and testing certain key characteristics become major considerations to designing the program that fits the need of the team and sport. There are certain physical demands that have to be addressed with each sport. And females and males have different physical makeup and injury characteristics that must be a factor in the design. For example a female soccer team’s performance design would not be close to a volleyball team design. They are both similar because of their gender similarities and season demands but are completely opposite in energy system and intensities for the competition.

Experience in the weight room is also a key to designing the right fit. A football team is usually familiar with the weight room and lifting weights so their experience will also be a key component to the design. The coach’s experience will also be consideration when designing the best fit for the team and sport.

Blog- Things to consider when designing a program… Needs analysis- sport, movements, age, gender, training age, coach's experience and confidence, environment, equipment,


The first thing that we set out to do is educate the coaching staff on the skills that many fail to mention to be able to apply effectively to get the best out of their teams. So we focus on what they need the most.

We train coaches in two ways. The coaches education course is the first way. This is where the system or school has a face to face training with us. Generally this course takes two days to complete. We dive in deep to what the specific schools, university, and coaches need help with. We train them on safety, liability, measuring and tracking performance, assessing the athletes in each individual sport and how each sport is different, building the program that fits the needs of the teams and coaches, and what athlete development looks like for the future of the program.

The second way we educate coaches is through an online course. The coach will review our videos and presentations and then take a test. This covers the general guidelines on safety, administering the best program for each situation, and the basic understanding of programming for the teams.

Safety is the first topic that we focus on. In our experience we have seen some negligent issues that can be solved with proper education, planning, and organization. Many administrators don’t realize the dangers in the weight room and the safety of the athletes are at stake because of simple procedures being looked over. We have many education courses to cover the coach at the sport but there are little to no education to cover the coach in the weight room. We have created a coaches education course that can help these coaches apply programs and be more prepared than ever before.

We also train the coaches on management and application of the programs so they can effectively apply the programs that we make specifically for their teams. We teach them how to organize the team to create more motivation and leadership. We teach the coaches how to regress and progress athletes of different abilities and ages. We also teach the coaches how to assess their team and analyze the results to effectively look for weaknesses and maintain the strengths.


We have success and experience with all team sports no matter what the age or gender. We have helped teams win 10 championships in the past 3 years in Dance, Lacrosse, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Track and Field. The way we train the athletes creates athleticism. And better athletes creates better performance no matter what sport. We also make sure we track and monitor our testing to make sure our goals are being met. We test every 8-12 weeks reorganize programs and plans to the coach’s goals. We give all our teams a movement screen, performance assessment, and usually a strength test (depending on the age). By doing this we can help get more concise information on how we can help the team get faster, change direction, stronger, become more flexible among many other characteristics that create a well rounded athlete.

Our type of training creates a foundation of skills that can be built upon that many coaches miss in a typical program. Young people today lack movement and physical literacy skills that prevent them from reaching their potential. They will be unable to reach that potential unless these basic skills are there to be built on. We start by teaching the ABC’S of movement. Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. We also realize that some athletes on each team have a wide range of skills and potential. We are able to meet them where they are and help develop each individual so that when they are given the chance to perform they will be able to the best athlete they can become.

For us, better performance is not enough. Reducing injury rates is also top on our priority list. With the help of UAB Orthopedics we have been able to track and reduce injury rates. We know if we keep athletes healthy they will play more and perform better.

Plus we are constantly keeping up to date with the latest research and development from the best human performance coaches from around the world. We strive to get better and our plans are never the same. By educating coaches, keeping cost down, having an understandable plan that they can apply, and continuing to strive for excellence we can change each generation of athletes to be better than the one before it.

Continued Support

Along with our online platform, education of coaches, and proven performance we continually use the time to maintain the support that we did when we first got the teams started. We check in to make sure these programs are being applied and see if coaches have any questions that we can help with. We are always available by phone or email and we won’t leave the coaching staff until they are confident they can apply each lift safely and effectively. Then after everything is set up we check in monthly by Skype, Online Chat, or visiting the coaches while they are in the weight room just to make sure they are in line with the plan. Then we cover the following month’s program, what is different, and some things we might need to change to get the best out of the coaches and athletes. The coach's feedback is the most important to us so that we can make sure they are satisfied with the program and confident that it is going to get the results.

We educate the weight room staff or coaches that will be using the programs on certain criteria that they will need to apply these programs effectively. They get the “why” behind the programs so they can understand them better. They will either go online and watch the presentations or the coaches will attend one of our education workshops. This usually requires 1-2 days to complete. By doing this we overview the program, teach about how safety affects team performance, and differences in the athletes today.

After we educate the coaches we train the staff on how to use the online platform and get together to discuss the specific challenges and environmental hurdles that we have to be aware of to design the programs that will benefit the team’s performance the best. We can do this process over an online Skype call or we come and visit the campus to get a better understanding.

Next, we build the program. Usually this takes 48-72 hours to complete the finer details. After we are done we go over each day’s program with the staff to get complete understanding and compliance.

Cost Effective

We provide a cost effective solution to those that need it the most. Most schools cannot afford a full time strength coach. So in order to give the schools and teams the benefits of the experts we have provided the best way to get the experts without having to pay for them. Our cost is 10% of what a normal strength and conditioning coach would be.

We created this program out of the need to give everyone the opportunity to get the expertise of a strength and conditioning coach. This “consulting” program allows experts to build plans and relationships without having to spend the long hours that a full time strength coach would spend. This a great benefit for the schools because they don't have to use a salary or unit for the strength coach. We can reach out to more programs that need the expert advise and assist them where they need it the most.

The sport coach get the benefits of a program designed specifically for their team’s needs at a fraction of the cost.

They also get the benefit of saving time and effort building plans, visiting other programs, seeing what others are doing, and trying to stay up to date on all the changes and research in strength and conditioning. We do all that for you. The coach can actually take something off their overflowing plate and spend more time on what they were hired to do.