Strength Coach on a Budget

Strength and Conditioning on a Budget

Being a strength and conditioning coach can be tough enough but limiting the equipment and the facilities is just another challenge that we know all too well. You haven’t really experienced this until you have glued a collar on a bar, made your own PVC Roller, or tried to fit 50 athletes in a 1,500 sq ft facility. So this post will be about all the experiences that I have come across from my own life and what other coaches have done to overcome the challenges of a low budget in the weight room.

Lack of funding becomes a challenge to me. If I need something done I will find help and figure it out. Just because we don’t have the equipment doesn’t mean that the lifts can’t be done. We just have to find a way! So we will be discussing what I have done that helps our teams perform better, stay more organized, and provide an atmosphere of improvement and excellence.

The Benefits to Making Your Own Equipment

It’s hard to believe that we can value PVC over plastic that comes in a box and already built that we paid 1000 times the price for but its true. Especially if your teams are involved in making them. I have seen coaches that use players to help them reduce the manufacturing time to just a couple of minutes. Some coaches get creative with this and use the players that miss a workout. I have seen a ton of great stuff from some really smart and inventive coaches. I, on the other hand, always preferred to do it myself and possibly with the help of a couple of coaches to provide different and creative perspectives. Two heads are better than one.

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Team Building
  3. Confidence in the Team
  4. Ownership from the Team

The Downside to Making Your Own Equipment

  • This equipment isn’t insured. So if it breaks or an athlete is injured while using it where does the liability fall? You got it- You and the Institution. Always keep this in mind when making the equipment. There are always shortcuts to building the equipment. Don’t take them.
  • Is the school or institution going to allow it? If they do not this could be a good lead in to a creating a budget for the weight room.

Download of safety equipment

The Equipment that Can Be Built on a Small Budget

  1. PVC Dowels
  2. PVC Hurdles
  3. Bulgarian Sandbags
  4. PVC Roller
  5. Thera bands can replace power or super bands

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