What Makes Your Program So Special?

“What makes your program so special?” or “What makes your program so different than what we currently are doing?” These are the questions that we currently need to answer in order to have a viable and growing business in order to help people. These are long winded questions but first the WHY…

The “WHY” Behind Team Sports Performance

We started this company from a seeable need that I (Brooks Barron) had while being in the weight room with many teams and sports, mainly on the high school level. As I expanded and grew as a strength coach I started noticing complete disconnect from coaches actually knowing what and why they were doing what they were doing in the weight room. These coaches wanted the best for their teams but didn’t know how to give it to them. And the worst part is, they didn’t even know they were doing their teams a disservice. They were going to college and professional teams asking for what they did and tried implementing these programs because those strength and conditioning programs where doing great and producing all the results they wanted on their teams. Little did they know they were hurting their programs as a result. So as my company, MVP Training started growing, my need to help and educate other coaches has become even greater. Mainly because I was in the same place they are and now I know a much bigger difference because I live sports performance and strength and conditioning all day.

The record speaks for itself!

We have assisted teams in most all sports to over 10 state championships in 3 years and countless region and area titles. That is an average of over 3 per year. Not bad odds! We think this happens because the coaches that are willing to recognize they need help are willing to seek the best to help them. And we think that we are the best at what we do. Learn more about what we have accomplished here. 

Here are 3 reasons- What makes our program so special…

1. We help Coaches be better Coaches. Coaches that don’t have full-time strength coaches (that includes the coaches that have other duties like teaching and sport coaching) CANNOT Spend the Time and Effort needed to do the Best Job they can.

It is hard enough for a full staff to stay on top of the numbers, testing, nutrition, coaching, performance, periodization, and tracking. Much less with one coach trying to do 3 jobs in one. When I was a “strength coach” at high schools I was also a teacher (PE/Drivers Ed) and a sport coach (usually football and another sport). It wasn’t until I got out of all that till I realized that I was doing more harm than good. I couldn’t call and visit other coaches I respected and learn more each day, listen to podcast, watch videos, go to educational conferences, and work on being a better strength coach because I had 2 other jobs to do. And those 2 other jobs could get me fired at any time if I didn’t do them well. There are several other coaches in the same boat as I was and that is why we created this.

2. We help them realize their “WHY” with Education

When asked, “Why are you doing what you are doing?” what would you say? Because its what others are doing? Because it makes us stronger? Because it won “Team A” a national championship? All of those answers are wrong. Why are you doing Olympic Lifts? Is there anything else that I can do to help us be more efficient and produce better results? Are willing to change?

Many coaches have been doing the same things for as long as they have been coaching because it worked when they were playing. If they coached that way in their sport they probably won’t be coaching any more. Those philosophies work the same way in the weight room and with performance. Example- one good thing I have seen in the weight room lately is video cameras. We video practice everyday because we can only see so much in real time but if we have video to refer to we can catch the little things that make us much better day to day. That is good change that everyone should be able to benefit from.

We help to educate them on somethings that are missing with their current programs and why it is effecting overall performance and injury rates. Many coaches don’t see a relationship to performance in the weight room and injury rates. Many coaches think because they are in the weight room it will decrease chance of injury. This is a common misconception with coaches. There is big disconnect between the weight room and injury rates and we work to help connect the dots to educate them on recognizing injury trends in their team and some things they can do to limit those injuries.

“Only one thing is certain in life- CHANGE”

3. Becoming more efficient and organized

Team Sport Performance usually can help coaches arrange and organize workouts months in advance to help them be able to see the 12 month calendar, know where testing will fall, and know what they will be working on and why it will help the overall performance. By doing this it helps them become a better coach in the weight room. They don’t have to pull a workout up from months ago and stick it into today’s workout because it has already been planned and goals have already been set. And by using the software that we use we can track and adjust numbers without having to do it ourselves. There are several great software programs that can help with this but we recommend Teambuildr. They are cost effective and it was created by two former football players that spent a ton of time in the weight room. Their story is inspiring as well! This kind of software takes a ton of time away from a coach to develop excel sheets and track data that can be extremely beneficial to teams.

Questions to ask yourself

What makes your program so special
Coaching Sports Performance Training

If you could add a coach to your staff for $3000 per year that help you to produce better results would you?

What are the reasons why you are NOT pursuing help?

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